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Safe, Secure And Trusted,For both physical products and services

We are Pakistan’s First Digital Escrow payments platform. As a next-gen, agile platform we leverage smart technology riding on the backbone of banks to solve genuine problems of trust deficit, fear, and anxiety in transactions. We call this a synthesis of Humanity, Technology, and Banking, the core of our ethos. SafeDeal. For Complete Peace Of Mind

Safe and secure transactions


Insolvency protected escrow accounts

SSL/TLS encryption


Protect Your Payments. Use SafeDeal App.

Payments Protection App in Pakistan

SafeDeal App is the ideal solution to support informal business, for all those who fear losing their money in non-face-to-face transactions. Whether in online sales, providing one-off services, or international export, among many others, you can use Safedeal to ensure the transaction of your sales.

How The SafeDeal Process Works

Easy transaction steps

Buyer and Seller agree to terms
Buyer pays money to SafeDeal
Seller delivers Goods Or Service to the Buyer
Buyer receives and approves Goods or Service
SafeDeal releases money to the Seller
Happy Buyer, Happy Seller!

Why SafeDeal? We explain

SafeDeal is a secure transaction platform

  • Transact and Chill

    SafeDeal is a secure transaction platform that completely protects you from being scammed when you want to buy or sell with someone you don't know, either online or face to face.

  • Reliable

    Customers no longer have to place trust in someone that they don’t know.

  • Secure Payment Solution

    SafeDeal is the only transaction platform that caters to all the different aspects of transactions that happen online and face to face whilst ensuring each transaction runs fairly.

  • Transparent

    SafeDeal,s service is completely transparent so there is no ambiguity between the buyer and the seller in any scenario.


    The buyer can convince himself of the quality before the seller receives the money. The seller does not pay until the buyer has irrevocably deposited the money in the insolvency-protected escrow account.


SafeDeal Products And Services

Safely buy and sell products and services from 300 to 10 million or more

Cell phones, Computers And Electronics

Not getting what you ordered is a thing of the past SafeDeal will protect you from scamsters when buying or selling electronic goods such as cell phones & tablets, TVs, PlayStations, digital cameras, laptop computers and more. Simply create your transaction, upload pictures and/or documents to your trade and invite the other party using the SafeDeal platform. Once SafeDeal receives the funds, we will notify the seller to deliver the goods. We provide the seller with peace of mind, that of a guaranteed payment, that they can go ahead with delivering the goods knowing that there is no risk the item will disappear. If the buyer is happy with the condition of the electronic goods, SafeDeal pays the seller. If not, we restore the status quo.

Matrimony Service/ Find Your Soulmate

Rishta culture in the sub-continent is one of the arranged marriages. Here, people do not endorse romantic relationships. And when people are of marriageable age, they have to suffer through the toxicity of the Marriage Bureaus. Safedeal definitely brings a positive change by providing a platform for the community to find compatible matches for their loved ones with full confidentiality, verification, and service promise. More than a hundred marriage bureaus and Freelance marriage consultants are contacted by SafeDeal to offer their services. Now Hire your marriage consultant SafeDeal Digital Escrow Service for finding your perfect soulmate WITH COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND and stay safe from marriage bureaus frauds that are at their peak nowadays.


From cattle to machinery – we’ve got your farming goods covered That second-hand Massey tractor that Farmer Javed needs for his farm can easily go for half a million PKR. Cattle, game and crops also come at a hefty price tag. Thanks to SafeDeal, farmers can now eliminate the risk and have peace of mind when it comes to the buying or selling of agricultural goods and equipment. Once the farmer’s funds have been transferred to SafeDeal, the seller can prepare the delivery of the goods or services. The buyer is also protected – knowing that if their order is not fulfilled as per the terms of the deal – they will get their money back. Gone are the days of chasing customers for outstanding payments or only getting Ten cows after buying 11. Happy farming.

Cars, Bikes, Planes and Boats

No more dodgy deals. Only smooth-sailing transactions It’s time to upgrade that Mehran that you used to drive onto the beach. But how do you trust online classifieds? The buying and selling of cars, bikes, planes, and boats between strangers online can be tricky (and sometimes dangerous). The other party could live on the other side of the country or be a scam artist in disguise. SafeDeal provides a solution that is safe, secure, and stress-free. SafeDeal protects the buyer and seller by safeguarding the funds in the middle. Funds are only released to the seller once the buyer has received the vehicle in the agreed condition. The seller is also protected. SafeDeal will pay the funds into the seller’s bank account within 24 hours after the buyer gives the thumbs up.

Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA Buy/Sell SERVICE MAKE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT TRANSACTION FAST, IRREVERSIBLE, AND SECURE. Safedeal gives you the opportunity to buy and sell any social media accounts securely. Sellers will not face chargebacks and Buyers can keep their accounts forever.

Freelancers / Individuals

Sign up free. Transact with confidence, worry-free for all your conditional purchases. Deal only with verified users, get standard contracts protecting your rights, sign agreement and pay digitally only on completion of pre-agreed milestones and terms.

Small and Medium Businesses

Sign up free. If you are a business, service provider big or small, power your transactions with our digital, easy to set up escrow platform. Buy or sell goods and services, conclude milestone based, conditional transactions with confidence and worry free.

Platforms and Marketplaces

If you are a platform or a market place add SafeDeal For payments protection to empower your users. Create a complete ecosystem of trust and add layers of transparency, and protection to the milestone-based, conditional transactions.

Web Domain Purchases and Transfers

Ensuring safe and risk-free transferring Transferring web domains between strangers can be risky. Who goes first? Does the buyer make the payment and then hold thumbs that the domain is transferred? Or does the URL owner first transfer the domain to the buyer and simply hope he will be paid? Either way, it’s risky and a chance you don’t have to take thanks to SafeDeal. We provide peace of mind by securing the buyer's funds in trust. The funds will be released to the seller once a transfer of ownership is successful and the new owners’ details have been registered in the applicable Regional Internet Registry.


Build on foundations of trust The success of building projects (residential or multi-million projects) depends on payments being made when milestones are reached. Example, 10% on completing the foundation, 15% when completing the electrical, etc. until 100% of the cost of the project is paid upon completion. SafeDeal keeps the funds in escrow and pre-determined milestone payments will be paid upon approval by the client. The timely payments ensure the project stays on track. Documentation relating to the transaction, including snag lists, can be uploaded onto the system, and all parties involved in the transaction can view the status of the project at any time. Once the contractor has completed the snag list and the client is happy, we release the funds.

Property (Residential And Commercial)

Home sweet home Property deals clear a series of stages during the transaction process. An appraisal of the property may need to be performed or the buyer insists the property undergoes an inspection. Ownership is only passed once the title deed is successfully registered at the deed’s office. With SafeDeal, all the above can be performed whilst the purchase price is securely safeguarded in escrow. SafeDeal can also support any lay-by property transactions. For example, if the purchaser does not have the full amount or any access to credit facilities, they can top up their escrow account periodically until the purchase price is reached in full.

Customer Feedback And Reviews

Customer Feedback And Reviews

Safe And Secure deposit system with guaranteed withdrawals.

I am Digital Marketer by profession I have Great Experience with

Fast and Smooth Deal. Easy to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

This can help!

An Escrow is an agreement between two people or organizations in which money or property is kept by a third person or organization until a particular condition is met.

SafeDeal protects the buyer by keeping their money until the seller delivers a product or service as agreed with the buyer. SafeDeal will not release the money to the seller until the buyer confirms that they have received the product or service and that they are happy with it. With Safedeal, you are guaranteed to either get what you pay for or your money back.

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With Safedeal, the seller is always guaranteed to receive payment for delivering a product or service. The seller will only receive the go-ahead to deliver a product or service after Safedeal has secured the transaction funds from the buyer. Once Safedeal is in possession of the money, the buyer cannot reverse or take it back. The only time the buyer can have the money back is in the case of a refund. In that case, Safedeal will also need consent from the seller to affect the refund.

All you need to register with SafeDeal is to provide your first and last name, a valid cellphone number, and a working email address. 

When the Buyer and the Seller have reached an agreement with regards to the product/service being sold, the description, and price, either of them will then go onto the SafeDeal website to Start A New Transaction. To successfully start a transaction, the person who initiates it will need to provide the other party's full name, email address, a description of the product/service he/she is selling, and the price. These terms cannot be changed once the buyer has accepted them.

SafeDeal can be used for the buying and selling of the following products and services: Products - Electronics - Mobile phones -  tablets, and computers - Clothes and fashion accessories - Furniture - Vehicles and vehicle parts and accessories - Home and garden products - Sports equipment - Pets - Jewellery Services - Home care services -Matrimonial Services - Website design - Professional services - Domain sales and transfers -Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc) - Rental deposits - Construction projects, In a nutshell, you can use SafeDeal to buy and sell anything that is legal.

Payments on SafeDeal can only be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Instant EFT.

The banking details you enter on SafeDeal will be used to deposit your funds into when you are a seller and any refunds, where applicable, when you are a buyer

The most common practice is for the Buyer to pay for the delivery of the goods. However, this can be negotiated between the Buyer and the Seller at the beginning of the transaction.

The Seller will be requested to provide proof of delivery of the goods. If they cannot produce the proof, the transaction will be canceled and the Buyer refunded, less the SafeDeal fee.

If the Buyer rejects a product, it is their responsibility to return the product to the seller at their own expense. The buyer gets refunded once the product has been returned in its original state, less the SafeDeal fee.

As a buyer, you will be requested to make payment after you accept the terms of a transaction between you and a seller.

All funds deposited to SafeDeal by the Buyer are kept in our audited trust account for safe-keeping until such time we pay them over to the Seller at the completion of the transaction.

The Buyer and the Seller can negotiate and agree between themselves on who pays the SafeDeal fee. If the Seller is paying the SafeDeal fee, the fee will be taken out of the original payment made to SafeDeal by the Buyer. If the Buyer is paying the Safedeal fee, it will be added to the payment due to SafeDeal.

SafeDeal will send you an email to advise when funds have been received and cleared. Sellers are urged to not send the goods or supply services before we have confirmed that the funds have been received and cleared.

When the seller sends the goods to the buyer, they will be required to supply both the buyer and SafeDeal with the tracking details for the parcel. That way, all parties will know exactly where the parcel is at any given moment.

SafeDeal will not release any fees to either the buyer or the seller until both parties find a solution they are both happy with. If an agreement between the parties cannot be reached, SafeDeal will release any fees in our possession only on the instruction of a legal body.

Online SafeDeal Service In The World

Online SafeDeal Service In The World


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