Company Rules

General Instructions

TRADESAFE DIGITAL PVT (LTD), company registration number 0202393 & TAXPAYER REGISTRATION No,9590043, is a direct provider of escrow services & E-Commerce.

The following provisions shall be referred to as the "General Instructions." The parties hereto employ, authorize and instruct TRADESAFE DIGITAL PVT (LTD) to act as Escrow Holder and Escrow Agent in connection with the Transaction under the terms and conditions on the Transaction Detail Screens, these General Instructions, Terms of Use, and any supplemental Escrow Instructions as hereinafter defined and all collectively referred to as the "Transaction Instructions."TRADESAFE DIGITAL PVT (LTD) is hereinafter referred to as "Safedeal" and intermittently referred to as "we" or "us."

General Provisions

A person or entity offering personal property for sale, and desiring to use the Safedeal site in order to close such a sale, shall hereinafter be referred to as "Seller".

A person or entity desiring to purchase personal property from a Seller, by use of the Safedeal site for completing the purchase shall be referred to as "Buyer".

The use of the Safedeal site (by the Buyer or Seller) for purposes of effectuating a single transfer of ownership of personal property shall be referred to as a "Transaction". The completion of the Transaction by Buyer and Seller is referred to herein as the "Close of Transaction". A Buyer or Seller may enter into a Transaction for the sale and purchase of many different types of personal property. This Instruction refers to the personal property which is the subject of a Transaction interchangeably as "merchandise" "goods" "item(s)" or "Escrowed Property". Funds deposited into the Safedeal account by the parties shall be referred to as "Escrow Funds". The fee paid to Safedeal for our services shall be referred to as the “Escrow Fee”.

Buyer and Seller should each log onto the Safedeal website daily and regularly to confirm the status of the Transaction, the shipping and tracking, and/or the Closing.

All communications of any kind, for any purpose, shall be made in the English language. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and or Seller to each know and understands the English language. Any party who requires interpretation to or from the English language for the purpose of making or receiving any communication, relating to these General Instructions or the Terms of Use, shall be responsible for any of his, her, or its own respective costs in that regard.

1. Instructions and Deposit of Funds into the Safedeal Account

Once the Buyer and Seller have agreed to identical Transaction Detail Screens for a specific underlying Transaction, and both have agreed to these General Instructions by selecting the "Agree" button at the bottom of the Registration Screen, these instructions shall constitute a binding agreement between all parties. No blank spaces shall exist on the Transaction Detail Screens as of the time the Buyer and Seller select the "Agree" button. After Buyer and Seller both select the "Agree" button, the Transaction Detail Screens, General Instructions, and Terms of Use constitute the Transaction Instructions to govern the Transaction between the Buyer and Seller (the "Transaction Instructions"). Should it become necessary to add a supplemental instruction(s), or to make any addition to, deletion from, or alteration to the Transaction Detail Screens, all parties (Buyer, Seller, and Safedeal) must execute (by digital signature or by a method mutually agreed upon by both parties) any supplemental instruction, addition, deletion or alteration thereto (collectively the "Supplemental Instruction(s)). Safedeal reserves the right to reject any Supplemental Instructions and to terminate the Transaction as provided herein. Safedeal may accept instructions that are created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means and by attaching their Digital Identification. The parties to the Transaction hereby agree to conduct the Transaction electronically.